Children and Youth

Children’s Program


Program Goals

We work with children to break the cycle of violence, to learn safety strategies, and to heal from the trauma of abuse. Our goals:

  • help children break the silence about the violence in their lives
  • educate children about healthy and safe relationships
  • empower children with safety strategies
  • help children overcome and/or reverse delays in social, physical and cognitive skills
  • help children learn to express themselves in non-violent ways at home and in school
  • help children learn cooperation and teamwork skills
  • offer children a safe environment in which to express their fears
  • help children break the inter-generational cycle of abuse.


Children’s Program Methodologies

We use the following methodologies to achieve our goals:

  • safety planning
  • individual counseling
  • support groups
  • creative arts and play therapy
  • parent support and empowerment
  • recreational activities
  • child development, and
  • educational skills building

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Love Shouldn’t Hurt Teen Program

Our teen dating abuse awareness and prevention program, which includes our award-winning peer leadership component, STAR (Students Talking  About Relationships), empowers young people with the skills to recognize a healthy relationship and the strategies to help those at risk from an abusive relationship.

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