Counseling & Support Groups

For all counseling services, contact the Hope’s Door Hotline 888-438-8700.

Individual counseling provides a safe and confidential environment for survivors.  Support Groups allow survivors to connect with others in a similar situation.  We currently have support groups for men, women, children, and those who only speak Spanish.

Our individual and group counseling services offer a safe place where survivors can break the silence about abuse, begin to heal, and learn:

    • safety strategies and techniques
    • self-advocacy skills
    • the difference between a relationship dominated by power and control and one based on equality, respect and trust


Trauma Informed Counseling
Our counselors can help you understand the danger you may face and develop plans to maximize your safety.  We help you cope with residual emotional pain and fears from your experience.  Working closely with you, our counselors can also refer you to other services within Hope’s Door, such as our Hope’s Door Legal Center and our Next Step Economic Empowerment program.  Counselors accompany and support you on your journey to safety, independence and healing from the trauma of abuse.

Multi-cultural Services
Abuse often presents greater challenges for multi-cultural and immigrant victims due to language and cultural barriers, discrimination, immigration hurdles and legal status. We offer culturally appropriate services tailored to multi-cultural victims, regardless of immigration issues. Safety is our number one concern.  We currently have bi-lingual counselors fluent in Spanish, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi.

We teach self-advocacy skills and assist survivors in securing rights, benefits, or other needed services. This might include emergency housing, financial assistance, intervening with employers, creditors, schools, churches, medical providers, private insurance companies, workers compensation, immigration status, and public assistance.

Information & Referral
We maintain a directory of community resources and have close working relationships with many service providers and governmental agencies with the resources survivors need to secure safety, justice, independence, and healing from the trauma of abuse.