Home. It’s where you should feel safe and protected. Hope’s Door. It’s who you call if you’re not.

El Hogar. Es donde debes sentirse seguro y protegido. Hope’s Door. Somos a quien llamar si no lo estas.

It’s Time for the Purple Purse Flash Fundraiser

From Tuesday, April 17th to Tuesday, April 24th, The Allstate Foundation is hosting the first Purple Purse Flash Fundraiser! In honor of Financial Literacy Awareness Month, we want to spread awareness about how severely financial abuse affects victims of domestic violence.

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1in3 Hopes DoorAt Least 1 In Every 3 women has
been beaten, coerced into
or otherwise abused
during her lifetime.

Hopes Door clockEvery 9 Seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten.

Hope's Door childrenMen who as children witnessed their parent’s domestic violence were Twice As Likely to abuse their own wives than sons
of nonviolent parents.