Client Testimonials

“When I left court, I had more than my order of protection. I went home with my dignity and my confidence restored. Hope’s Door had built a protective fence around my family and me. It was the first time in months that I felt I could breathe.

Miranda, who came to us with a black eye and a broken spirit. 

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“My two boys and I lived with abuse for four years before I found the courage to call the hotline at Hope’s Door. I finally realized that we just couldn’t live like that any longer.”

Nicole, who fled to our shelter with her two boys.

Two young brothers

“Even after my ex-boyfriend strangled me, I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t know where to turn. I felt stuck. Then I heard about Hope’s Door. I not only learned how to protect myself but now I can help others facing the same problem.”

Kristy, a 16-year-old who spoke up during a STAR meeting.

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“When we first arrived at the shelter, I looked around and was stunned.  I don’t know what I was expecting— maybe a gymnasium with cots all around and me staying awake all night to protect the kids. What I found was a home where everybody did everything they could to make us feel safe and comfortable.”

 Cheryl, who found comfort in the safety of our shelter. 

Shelter family

“I never truly understood domestic violence until it became evident that I was in the midst of it and dealing with an emotionally unstable and unpredictable spouse. Although mostly a psychological manipulation, she would often provoke, and at some points, physically harm me.”

Anthony, who came to us overwhelmed by his situation.

“Being with my girlfriend made me feel like I had no voice. Now that I found Hope’s Door, I am starting to see that I am not her property, that she cannot control who I talk to or spend time with, and that I can stand up for myself. I am ready to take the next step forward.”

Fiona, who came to us with no confidence.

Lesbian couple fighting over a phone.Lesbian couple fighting over a phone.