The Hope’s Door Board of Directors would like to express its deep appreciation and endless gratitude to two of our fearless leaders, Debra Kousouros and Ken Marsolais. They each served two three-year terms, which is six years each of a steadfast commitment to the Board of Directors and to the furtherment of Hope’s Door’s mission!

Since 2013, Debra and Ken have both been invaluable members of the Board. In addition to serving as a director, Ken sat on the Fundraising and Nominating subcommittees and Debra sat on the Finance subcommittee prior to serving as Board Vice-President, and currently as Board President.  In these roles, Ken and Debra have made significant contributions to Hope’s Door as both advocates and leaders.

We have all been very fortunate to have worked with Debra and Ken and are inspired by their unwavering dedication and commitment to Hope’s Door’s mission!

Board of Directors:

Silvana Bajaña

Blakely Brodbeck

Jill Deitch

Kristen Gizzi

Laura Holdgrafer

Mónica Martínez-Hess

Martha Obler Kohn

Julia Peloso-Barnes

Dan Schorr

Liz Zimmerman