What to Expect When Calling Hope’s Door Hotline

Hope’s Door offers a free and confidential hotline to help anyone who may want to talk confidentially about their situation, seek resources and information, or are questioning unhealthy aspects of their relationship. If you believe a friend or family member is dealing with an abusive partner, you may call on their behalf for more information.

Calling a hotline can be nerve-racking, especially if you have not reached out for help before. For some, knowing what to expect during the call can help to relieve anxiety about the process.

Before you call:
Make sure you are in a safe, private place to talk.

During the call:
Callers do not have to provide their full name in order to receive general information. However, if you are seeking shelter, counseling or advocacy services, you may be asked to provide a first name and a safe telephone number where you can be reached. You do not have to provide your last name at this time.

The hotline advocate will ask some details about your specific situation to get an idea about how best to help you. Sometimes, describing behavior patterns or a recent altercation(s) with your partner can help the advocate identify services you may need. It is important to remember that your call, and the information you provide, remain confidential.

What Happens Next:
After you are finished with the call, the hotline advocate will connect you to a Hope’s Door counselor within 24 hours. If you do not use your name during hotline, it will be asked for by your assigned counselor.