Love Shouldn’t Hurt: STAR Peer Leadership

Students that accept our challenge to join STAR (Students Talking About Relationships, for High School students) or RSTAR (Rising Students Talking about Relationships, for Middle School students) come together in their schools and communities to design and implement awareness events that promote healthy relationships based on equality, respect, and trust.

We conduct STAR and RSTAR in the following schools: 

• Albert Leonard Middle School
• Blue Mountain Middle School
• Isaac E Young Middle School
• Woodlands Middle School
• Ursuline School
• Alexander Hamilton High School
• Hendrick Hudson High School
• Lincoln High School
• New Rochelle High School
• Scarsdale High School
• Sleepy Hollow High School
• Westlake High School
• White Plain High School
• Woodlands High School
• Yorktown High School


If you would like more information on the STAR program, contact Shaire Gadson.