Fleeing an abusive relationship that had persisted for many years, Rosa arrived at Hope’s Door seeking counseling services. As a result of her manipulative partner, Rosa no longer had custody of her two oldest children and was persistently trying to get her family back. Lacking the financial capability to pay for childcare expenses, having limited language skills, and being geographically isolated, she was not able to get a job or provide a stable environment for herself or her children. She felt hopeless.

As Rosa worked with her Hope’s Door Counselor, her self-esteem and self-confidence began to blossom. Once she was deemed ready, her counselor referred her to the Next Step Economic Empowerment Program, where she was able to determine her future career goals and job interests, and make a plan to overcome barriers to building a career. What once seemed impossible, slowly started to become a reality.

With passion in her heart to improve her life, Rosa expressed interest in ESL classes, Home Health Aid (HHA) vocational training and a chance at obtaining her driver’s license. Next Step Program Coordinator Brenda Rodriguez assisted Rosa in registering and funding the classes she needed to take and celebrating with her once she completed them. Today, Rosa has her driver’s license, has completed her HHA vocational training, and is continuing to work hard in her ESL classes. With this progress, Rosa believes she has the necessary tools to become independent, financially stable and, most importantly, reunite her family.