A survivor story:

Photo by Sebastiaan ter Burg – CC BY 2.0


I’m a survivor of over twenty years of extreme psychological, emotional, and financial abuse. When I entered Hope’s Door a few years ago after my life fell apart, I was welcomed with open arms. I began seeing a counselor on a regular basis and started going to group counseling as well. My daughter, who was four at the time, saw her own counselor to help support her in the aftermath of the breakup of our family.

With my counselor, I explored my family history and how I ended up where I did. I dug deep into family dynamics which helped open my eyes. We role-played. I became stronger and more assured of myself. If it weren’t for Hope’s Door, I would never be where I am now – working in community health leading grassroots marketing efforts for the neediest individuals in our area.

Hope’s Door is truly a ‘door’ to ‘hope’. You CAN get your life back. Reach out to them. You won’t ever regret that you did.