Colleen’s Studio

Have you ever considered the healing benefits sound could have on one’s mind and body? On August 15th, six members of the Hope’s Door team had the pleasure of diving into an intimate sound experience while visiting Colleen Torpie’s Reiki and Sound Studio. Open-minded and eager about what was about to unfold, we sprawled out on the floor mats, put lavender scented bean bags over our eyes, and allowed the sound to take over each of us.

“I thought the experience was incredible,” says Alexa Kauffman, Hope’s Door Youth Prevention Coordinator. “I felt completely relaxed and was totally focused on the sounds around me, especially how the vibrations affected my body and thoughts. I was also extremely impressed that Colleen was making every one of the sounds with her unique instruments. I would highly recommend Sound Healing to anyone who is open to experiencing a new way of mindful relaxation.”

Sound and music can also be beneficial to victims of trauma.  According to researcher Heather MacIntosh (2003), sound therapy allows victims to encounter their feelings in new and safe ways.  She also posits that it helps victims with their self-esteem.  The theory is that sound healing helps victims experience and process memories and unconscious traumatic material in creative and adaptive ways, which may have been otherwise unavailable, and in the process, hope is introjected into the inspiring path of healing from trauma.

We thank Colleen for inviting us to visit her Sound Studio and hope to introduce elements of sound healing into our counseling programs.  To learn more about Colleen and her studio, please contact Colleen Torpie at (914) 354-0488 or