About Teen Dating Abuse


The Problem of Teen Dating Abuse

In 1999, Hope’s Door began to address the issue of teen dating abuse.

Currently, national data reveals:

One in three young people will be in an abusive or unhealthy relationship (source). Only 33% of teen victims tell anyone about the abuse (source).

We joined with the Junior League of Northern Westchester to co-sponsor our county’s first teen dating abuse symposium, which attracted 350 Westchester County teens.   We surveyed those teens about their dating abuse experiences and who they would tell if they were being abused. The results mirrored the national data.   Clearly, young people were at risk for dating abuse and reluctant to tell their parents or other adults.

Our Key Strategies

We quickly identified “breaking the silence” as a key strategy in our dating abuse awareness and intervention efforts. Since young people were reluctant to talk with adults, we engaged youth in our program design, implementation and evaluation. The result of our collaboration with youth is the “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” program.