Programs and Services

24-Hour Hotline 888.438.8700

The Hope’s Door hotline is the gateway to all of our services.
Call and speak up for yourself — or for someone who can’t.

You don’t have to give your name, and we won’t tell you what to do.

We will help you maximize your safety, explore your options, advise you of your legal rights,
and help you make the best decision for yourself.

You are not alone.

Service Locations

  • 50 Broadway, Office #01, Hawthorne, NY 10532. 914.747.0828 by appointment.
  • 100 S. Highland Avenue, Ossining, NY 10562. 914.747.0828
    by appointment.
  • Shelter – confidential location. 888.438.8700.

Our Services Include


Community Education

If you would like to know more about abuse and how we can work together to end it, please call 914-747-0828.

We have educational programs tailored to:

  • communities of faith
  • day care and child development
  • multi-cultural communities
  • police departments
  • judges and court personnel
  • human service agencies
  • civic organizations
  • schools
  • youth-serving organizations
  • court personnel
  • elected officials
  • medical providers
  • corporate employers
  • workplace violence